Respecting Diversity Through Joint Social Action

Conference Invitation

Dear Scholars,

Session Greetings from the WSWD2023: 6th International Conference Team. We are glad to inform you that the WSWD2023: 6th International Conference is going to be held during May 11-13, 2023 at KIB International Convention Hall & YWCA Conference Hall, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The conference will be organized by Community Social Work Practice & Development Foundation-CSWPDF in association with the Department of Sociology and Social Work of The People’s University of Bangladesh along with other national and international organizations as associates to make the event a grand success.

The WSWD2023: 6th International Conference is officially partnered with the Association of Social Workers-ASW, Bangladesh, and the International Federation of Social Workers-IFSW which recognize the conference as a historical step forward in the case of social work professionalization in Bangladesh. The intention of the conference organizers is to create a broader avenue for practicing social workers, academics, researchers, community organizers, social scientists, development practitioners, business professionals, physicians, IT experts, and engineers to share their innovative thoughts and research findings toward the sustainability of social diversity.

You are cordially invited to attend this conference Offline (In Person) giving more focus though there will be access to Online presentation mode as well under special consideration.

Best regards,
Social Worker Md. Habibur Rahman
Founding President of CSWPD Foundation
Convener, WSWD 2023: 6thInternational Conference
Associate Professor & Chairman
Dept. of Sociology and Social Work
The People’s University of Bangladesh


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