Prof. Dr. Shamima Nasrin Shahed

Member Secretary

The People's University of Bangladesh

Welcome to the official web site of  The People’s University of Bangladesh (PUB). We are happy to introduce you the most updated information through this site.

The People’s University of Bangladesh (PUB) over the last 22 years has gained a distinctive image and recognition among the competitive private sector providers of higher learning in Bangladesh. It has overcome many critical ordeals to attain the maturity & reputation that it enjoys today. The PUB has always been committed to providing quality education or rather global standard education at affordable cost that a middle class family of Bangladesh can meet. A non-profit organization, PUB, has adequately invested in offering a dedicated campus at Asad Avenue, attracted reputed teachers & scholars around the country to become its faculty members and has been working persistently towards introducing a range of disciplines that are demanded by the student of the new millennium, Business & Economics, Science & Technology, Hotel Management & Tourism, Health Science etc. the Department of English Language and Literature reflects our commitment to quality education. PUB views its success through the lens of its contribution towards the development of able human resource now well placed in national as well as international spheres of business, science and arts professions.

The relentless struggle for updating its teaching programs and innovative means of instruction makes PUB a dynamic and evolving organization.  As the executive head of the PUB, I feel amply rewarded through long dedication, support and team-work of it faculty members and administrative staff. The students and their parents cooperated and extended their support in achieving the vision and mission of this organization. I take this occasion of PUB’s successful journey, convey my sincerest gratitude to all, particularly the honorable members of trustee Board for their continued support to the development of PUB into one of the very best institution of our country.

Name Prof. Dr. Shamima Nasrin Shahed
Position Member Secretary
E-mail [email protected]