The Internship is a part of the BBA/MBA degree requirement. A student must complete other degree requirements before placement in the internship program. The internship constitutes a practice for a student and is a preparatory step towards a career. The primary goal of internship is to provide an on the job exposure to the student and an opportunity for translation of theoretical concepts to real life situation. Internship will be held in public/private sectors, banks and research institutions as well as development projects of NGO or other agencies. The program will cover a semester equivalent of 16 weeks with 12 weeks of organizational attachment and 4 weeks of report finalization. The internship program will usually be organized to match the area of concentration of a student and is supervised by the faculty. Special projects or research work of high standard may be substituted for an internship when formally authorized in advance by the faculty.

In all cases a student will be required to prepare an internship report within the time prescribed. The internship report of a student will be graded as per normal grading system. The passing grade in the internship is “C”. Failure to obtain a passing grade will call for redoing the internship program and is allowed only once. The grade earned on the internship report will be utilized in earning waiver of credits for MBA-Group-C only and recorded in the grade sheet 4of the student but excluded from the CGPA calculation.