BA (Hons) in Islamic History & Culture

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4 Year

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Message from Chairman, Islamic History & Culture

The People’s University of Bangladesh is a government- approved university which provides job orient education. Moreover as a higher seat of learning, the tries to promote and inculcate ethical values and social norms with this end in view it proposes to introduce Islamic History & Culture under the faculty of Art’s of the people’s university of Bangladesh

Md. Habibur Rahman

Chairman (Acting), Dept. of IHC


The Department of Islamic History and Culture was established at the People’s University of Bangladesh with a view to produce skilled and dynamic graduates of Islamic History and Culture. It hosts two programs- BA (Hon’s) four years integrated course & MA (Master’s) one Year. From the very beginning, the department had efforts to provide profound and advanced knowledge of Islamic History and Culture in the country. However, the curriculum for BA (Hon’s) program need to be reviewed to provide students with appropriate knowledge in Islamic History and Culture.


  • To teach Islamic Culture and Civilization and to offer new specialized areas of studies.
  • To inculcate an interactive teaching learning for a better understanding of Islamic ethics and values embedded in education addressing contemporary issues towards the desired solutions.
  • To provide multi-dimensional knowledge for the better preparation to meet the challenges of modern day life.
  • To develop an inner sense and understanding of professionalism among the graduates to cultivate and accelerate disciplinary knowledge and skills in the reformation and development of the Country.
  • The Department expects its graduates to be active as role models in their communities, respected both for their knowledge of the religion and for the flexibility, realism, and independence of mind with which they apply it.


The Department of Islamic History and Culture is a spirited Islamic center. It aims to fulfill the cultural, religious, educational, and social needs of the Muslim community. The sole purpose of the Department is to create skilled and competent people with Islamic values for achieving national and international prosperity.


  • To generate and motivate educational environment that supports diversity and inclusion.
  • To develop department consisting of faculty members dedicated to their duties as “teachers and scholars”.
  • To encourage community attachment between students and faculty.
  • To develop Religious and social ethics and leadership skills, teamwork with effective communication & time management in the profession.
  • To develop and use research, knowledge, and skills that advance Islamic History and Culture practice in the context of diverse cultures.

Intended Learning Outcome (ILO)

Students who have any of the following qualifications may apply for the admission to BA (Honours) program in Islamic History and Culture:

  • Students who have passed SSC, and HSC, or equivalent public examinations with at least two 2nd divisions, or minimum GPA 2.5 in each (5.00 scale) may apply for admission. Students who have minimum 2.00 in any one of SSC, or HSC, and a total of GPA 6.00 may also apply.
  • For English medium students, minimum 5 subjects in “O” level, and 2 subjects in “A” level examinations are required. At least Grade B, or GPA 4.0 in four subjects out of the seven subjects, and at least Grade C, or GPA 3.5 in the remaining three subjects (A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, and E=1).
  • The children of freedom fighters with a total of GPA 5.0 in both SSC, and HSC, or in equivalent public examinations may apply for admission with a copy of the Freedom Fighter Certificate issued by the Government.
  • For GED students, the admission requirement is at least 410 marks out of 800 marks in all 5 courses of GED program, and with an average of 450 marks.

Eligibility for Admission


Degree Requirements

SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1ACIHC-001Political History of The Muslims (570-661)3.00
2ACIHC-001Islamic Ethics3.00
3ACIHC-001Basic English3.00
4ACIHC-001History of Contemporary Political Parties of Bangladesh3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IHC-104Political History of the Muslims (661-750)3.00
2IHC-105Islamic Culture & Civilization3.00
3S.C- 106Bangladesh Studies3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IHC-107Political History of the Muslims (750-1258)3.00
2S.C- 108Islamic Studies3.00
3ACIHC-002History of Contemporary Islamic Movements in the World3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IHC-201History of Mongols and Medieval Muslim Dynasties (1258-1919)3.00
2IHC-202Political History of the Muslims India (712-1526)3.00
3S.C- 203Basic Bangla3.00
4ACIHC-003History of Bengal (Sultanate of Ascendency 1538-1757)3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1CSE-207Political History of the Muslims India (1526-1757)3.00
2CSE-208History of Bengal: Pala, Sena, Early Mislim Rule (750-1538)3.00
3CSE-209Basic Computer Science Programming Lab3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IHC-207History of Bengal up to 1757 A.D.3.00
2IHC-208History of the Muslim Rule in Syria, Egypt and North Africa: Fatimids, Ayyubids and Mamluks. (909-1557)3.00
3IHC-209History of Middle East (1800-1919)3.00
4S.C- 210Principles of Economics3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IHC-301History of Bengal (1757-1971)3.00
2IHC-302History of Muslims in Spain (710-1492)3.00
3S.C- 303Social Development3.00
4ACIHC-004History of United States (1776-1919)3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IHC-305History of Middle East (1919 to Present day)3.00
2IHC-305Muslim Contribution to Science and Technology3.00
3S.C- 306General Philosophy3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IHC-307Muslim Historiography3.00
2IHC-308Islamic Law & Jurisprudence3.00
3ACIHC-005Socio-Economical History of Bengal (1200-1947)3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IHC-401Development of Muslim Philosophy3.00
2IHC-402History of Europe Since (1453 - 1789) Renaissance3.00
3ACIHC-006History of the Arab States in West Asia3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IHC-403Ottoman Turks (Till 1924 A.C)3.00
2IHC-404History of Muslim Architecture3.00
3S.C-405Modern History of the Muslim World3.00
4ACIHC-007Public administration3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IHC-406Modern History of the Muslim World3.00
2IHC-407History of Modern Europe Since (1789 - 1919)3.00
3IHC-408History of Muslims in South-East Asia3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10222 1111 Political History of The Muslims (570-661)3.00
20231 3112বাংলা ভাষা ও সাহিত্য3.00
30222 3113স্বাধীন বাংলাদেশের অভ্যুদয়ের ইতিহাস3.00
40222 1114Political History of the Muslims (661-750)3.00
50222 2115History of Ancient and Medieval Civilization3.00
60222 4116Viva Voce     0.75
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10222 1121Political History of the Muslims (750-1258)3.00
20231 3122English Language and Academic Writing3.00
30611 3123Computer Application and ICT3.00
40222 1124Islamic Culture & Civilization3.00
50222 2125Islamic Ethics3.00
60222 4126Viva Voce0.75
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10222 1211History of the Muslims of Syria, Egypt and North Africa (Fatimids, Ayyubids and Mamluks)3.00
20222 1212Political History of the Muslims in India (Sultanate Period)3.00
30222 2213Introduction to Islamic Studies3.00
40222 1214History of Bengal (Ancient Period to 1538)3.00
50314 3215Introduction to Sociology3.00
60314 3216Social History and Human Civilization3.00
70222 4217Viva Voce0.75
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10222 1221History of the Muslims in Spain3.00
20222 1222Political History of the Muslims in India (Mughal Period)3.00
30222 1223History of Bengal (1538-1757)3.00
40222 2224History of Europe (1453- 1789)3.00
50313 3225Introduction to Social Psychology3.00
60311 3226Economy and Society3.00
70222 4227Viva Voce0.75


SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10222 1311History of the Ottoman Empire3.00
20222 1312History of Central Asia and Persia (13th – 18th Century)3.00
30314 3313Life and Society in Bangladesh3.00
40222 1314History of the Muslims in South-East Asia3.00
50222 1315History of Bengal (1757-1905)


60222 2316Development of Muslim Philosophy3.00
70222 4317Viva Voce0.75


SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10222 1321History of the Middle-East (1800-1919)3.00
20421 2322Islamic Law & Jurisprudence3.00
30222 1323Muslim Contribution to Science and Technology3.00
40542 3324Statistics for Social Research3.00
50222 1325Modern History of the Muslim World3.00
60222 2326History of Modern Europe (1789- 1919)3.00
70222 4327Viva Voce0.75
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10222 1411History of Middle-East (1919 to Present day)3.00
20222 1412Development of Muslim Art and Architecture3.00
30222 2413 

History of the U.S.A. (1776-1919)

40222 1414

Muslim Minorities in the Contemporary World

50222 2415Bangladesh Studies (1905-1971)3.00
60314 3416Population and Development3.00
70222 4417Viva Voce0.75
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10222 1421History of the Arab States in West Asia3.00
20222 1422Muslim Historiography3.00
30222 2423Economic History and Banking in Islam3.00
40222 2424Socio-Economic History of Ancient and Medieval Bengal3.00
50314 3425Gender Issues and Development3.00
60222 4426Viva Voce0.75


Tuition Fee

1Admission Fee10,000/-
2Fee Per Credits700/-
3Fee Per Semester12,338/-
4Total Course Fee98,700/-

Faculty Members

Md. Habibur Rahman

Chairman (Acting)

Md. Mahdi Hasan