BSS (Hons) in Political Science

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4 Year

Course Duration

Message from Chairman, Political Science

Welcome to the Department of Political Science of The People’s University of Bangladesh.The Department of Political Science offers thrilling prospects for undergraduate and graduate education. Through all of the key subfields of political science, we are committed to enlightening our thoughtful of our native and global political province. These include Governance, Political Theory, Public Administration, Public Policy, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Economy, and Local Government.

The department also highlighted the issue of development and social change as the world today is experiencing radical financial, cultural, political, technological, and ecological fluctuations. We also include the option in our curriculum for students to use their academic knowledge so that they can create a link between their theoretical understanding and their socio-political condition.
The Department promotes the epistemology of social science research and assists students in developing skills relevant to this and other fields, such as effective communication and critical thinking. We encourage students to do quantitative and qualitative research using scientific techniques. The Department of Political Science of The People’s University of Bangladesh is committed to continuing a courageous and comprehensive atmosphere that supports an open and respectful exchange of thoughts. The faculty members of the department are innovative scholars who offer our students a broad range of backgrounds, methodologies, and approaches.

The faculty and staff in the department try to help students meet their academic goals.
We hope you will join us if you are passionate about politics and seeking upper skills to enhance your research, communication, and analytical ability. Please let me know if there is anything to improve your experience in the Department of Political Science.

Md. Dipul Hossain

Chairman (Acting), Dept. of Political Science


The People’s University of Bangladesh is a government -approved university, which provides job orient education. Moreover, as a higher seat of learning, the tries to promote and inculcate ethical values and social norms with this end in view it proposes to introduce Political Science under the Faculty of Art’s of the People’s university of Bangladesh.


  • To develop and understanding of the basic concepts of political science.
  • To give students conceptual clarity on different forms government and organs of the state.
  • To we put emphasis what skills will demonstrate the achievement of the learning out come and students work become more pragmatic and relevant to the topic and exam and projects become more authentic and practical when tied directly tp outcome


To enable students with necessary analytical skills to examine and evaluate influences of political thought on the issues and practices in the context of changing political process and institution.


Intended Learning Outcome (ILO)

Eligibility for Admission

  • Minimum two-second divisions or one first division and one third division or 2.50 CGPA in SSC/Dhakhil/Equivalent and 2.50 CPGA in HSC/Alim or Equivalent examinations.
  • Candidate will be selected for admission on the basic of admissions test consisting of written test and a viva voce.
  • Students having break of study may also apply.
  • Obtaining Qualifying marks in the admission test.

Degree Requirements

SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1PSS-101Fundamentals of Political Science3.00
2PSS-102Introduction of Public Administration3.00
3PSS-103Western Political thought3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1PSS-104Ancient & Medieval Political Thought3.00
2PSS-105Introduction to Local Government3.00
3PSS-106Basic Principles of Economics3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1PSS-107Modern Political Thought3.00
2PSS-108Constitutional & Political Development in British India3.00
3PSS-109Research Methodology-3.00
4PSS-110Basic English3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1PSS-111Major Political Systems3.00
2PSS-112Islamic Political Theory3.00
3PSS-113Principles of Sociology3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1PSS-114Comparative Politics3.00
2PSS-115Introduction to International Politics3.00
3PSS-116Basic Computer3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1PSS-117Political History of the Modern World3.00
2PSS-118Political History of the Modern World3.00
3PSS-119Politics in Bangladesh3.00
4PSS-120Basic Bangla3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1PSS-121Introduction to Political Economy3.00
2PSS-122Politics & Administration in South & South-East Asia3.00
3PSS-123Politics in the Third World3.00
4PSS-124Approaches to the Study of Politics3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1PSS-125Recent Political Thought3.00
2PSS-126Social Change and Development0.75
3PSS-127Military and Politics in the Developing Countries3.00
4PSS-128Public Policy Analysis1.50
6CSE-322Microprocessor Lab1.50
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1PSS-129Political Development, Nationalism & Emergency of Bangladesh3.00
2PSS-130Rural Development in Bangladesh3.00
3PSS-131Government and Politics in Bangladesh3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1PSS-132Political Development3.00
2PSS-133International Law3.00
3PSS-134Globalization, International Organizations & Financial Institutions3.00
4PSS-135Globalization, International Organizations & Financial Institutions3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1PSS-136Project management in Bangladesh2.00
2PSS-137Bangladesh War of Liberation3.00
3PSS-138Politics and Government at local level0.75
4PSS-139Problems of Government3.00
SL Code Course Title Credits
1 PSS-140 Politics and Poverty in Bangladesh 2.00
2 PSS-141 Constitutional Development in Bangladesh 3.00
3 PSS-142 Business Administration 0.75
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10312 1111Fundamentals of Political Science3.00
20231 3112Bengali Language and Literature3.00
30222 3113History of the Emergence Independent of Bangladesh3.00
40312 1114Western Political Thought3.00
50312 1115Ancient and Medieval Political Thought3.00


SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10312 1121Modern Political Thought3.00
20232 3122English Language and Academic Writing3.00
30611 3123Computer Application and ICT3.00
40312 1124Introduction to Public Administration3.00
50312 1125Constitutional and Political Development British India3.00
60312 1126Major Political System UK, USA, FRANCH3.00


SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10312 1211Comparative Politics3.00
20312 1212Introduction to International Politics3.00
30312 1213Political History of the Modern World3.00
40312 1214Oriental Political Thought3.00
50312 1215Politics in Bangladesh3.00
60312 2216Rural Development in Bangladesh3.00
70312 3217Introduction to Islamic Studies3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10312 1221Politics in The Third World3.00
20312 1122Approaches to The Study of Politics3.00
30312 1223Islamic Political Theory3.00
40312 1224Introduction to Political Economy3.00
50312 3225Principles of Sociology3.00
60312 1226Viva -Voce3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10312 1311Recent Political Thought3.00
20312 1312Military and Politics in The Developing Countries3.00
30312 1313Social Change and Development3.00
40312 2314International law3.00
50312 3315Basic Principles of Economics3.00
60312 2316Public Policy Analysis3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10312 1321Government and Politics in Bangladesh3.00
20312 1322Foreign Policy of Major Powers3.00
30312 1323Politics and Administration in South and South–East Asia3.00
40312 3324Human Rights and Political Violence3.00
50312 3325Geopolitics in Bangladesh3.00
60312 1326Media and Politics in Bangladesh3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10312 1411Bangladesh War of Liberation3.00
20312 3412Social Statistics3.00
30312 3413History of Europe (1871-1945)3.00
40312 1414Globalization, International Organizations and Financial Institutions3.00
50312 1415Local Government in Bangladesh3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10312 2421Bangabandhu and Bangladesh3.00
20312 1422Constitutional Development in Bangladesh3.00
30312 1423Fundamentals of International Politics3.00
40312 2424Introduction to Business3.00
50312 1425Government and Politics in The Middle East3.00
60312 4426Viva- Voce3.00

Tuition Fee

1Admission Fee10,000/-
2Fee Per Credits1,200/-
3Fee Per Semester21,150/-
4Total Course Fee1,69,200/-

Faculty Members

Md. Dipul Hossain

Chairman (Acting)

Md. Bokul Munshi