Low & Justice (LL.B)

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4 Year

Course Duration

Message from Chairman, LAW & JUSTICE

Greetings! It’s amazing how time flies! It seems like yesterday when Department of Law and Justice began its maiden journey with only 6 students in September 2009. Now, we survive and thrive with more than 400 running students and receiving hundreds of applications from students aspired to study law in this renowned department. Within this timeline, we are trying to become one of the top Department of Law in this country and also receiving name and fame as many of our law graduates have successfully become lawyers and practicing law both in subordinate courts and high court division. Some of them also joined Bangladesh Judicial Service and many more are holding different positions in many organizations with repute and holding their position in good standing in the society.

Graduates from our department benefit in different ways from the unique advantages offered by the Department. The curriculum is set up in such a manner that students are offered from a wide range of courses taught by faculty members with national and worldwide competence and reputation in relevant subjects. Faculty members are dedicated not only to providing necessary information to students, but also to counseling students on topics ranging from course content, legal difficulties, and professional ambitions to personal interests. Every semester seminars are held relating to different legal issues for the benefit of the students. The students are also allowed to visit the court with the expert so that they can gather live experiences outside the bookish knowledge.

Rashed Ahmed

Chairman, Dept. of Law & Justice


Under the school of law, the department of Law & Justice was started its operation from 1st September‟2009 by offering 4-years based LL. B (Hons.) program after obtaining final approval of syllabus of program & necessary permission from University Grant Commission (UGC), Bangladesh. The ultimate purpose of the department is to produce high standard law professionals who can deliver their judicial service for ensuring justice to the society at large as lawyer, judge or other skilled professionals. The department is operating its academic functions by its full-time faculties out of which four are full-time lecturers and one associate professor & also with the assistance of resource person like senior professors of the public universities, senior judges, senior lawyers of the Judges‟ court & the Supreme Court of Bd. The department is continuing its administrative functions by the Dean, Chairman, Course coordinator, Academic, Exam & Tabulation committee. The department is not only continuing its] academic function in classroom-based system but also develop its products by providing clinical legal education like mock trial, court visit, study tour, annual picnic, law seminar and workshop, report writing, assignment, class test, mid-term exam, final exam, quiz, viva-voce, class presentation & other frequent assessment process. For obtaining 4-years LL. B(Hons) degree, each law student must have to achieve 141 credits & need to pass in 47 courses in between six months based eight semesters. The department of Law & Justice is always trying to maintain its high quality of standard to produce potential law graduates & postgraduates as per direction of PUB authority, UGC & Bangladesh Bar Council


Department of Law and Justice of the People’s University of Bangladesh, believes in propagating legal knowledge in a resourceful way with a view to assistance in the nation’s development. To achieve this objective, the Department of Law and Justice identifies the following steps:

  • To advance and divulge comprehensive legal education to reach excellence.
  • To promote progressive studies and research in all branches of law.
  • To sensitize the students of law regarding the various socio-legal issues of the country.
  • To impart cultural, legal and ethical values with a view to foster the Rule of Law and the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of Bangladesh.
  • To nurture legal awareness in the community for a greater social and economic justice.
  • To prepare students for a variety of legal and law related careers.


To work towards the advance, improvement and foundation of such a generation of students who possess the intellectual genius, moral consciousness and social responsibility to ensure the Rule of Law, not just locally but also promulgating the same globally. Since we lead the way in legal professional education, the onus is on us to show the way in assimilating the Rule of Law within the society and remove any discrimination with respect to person, property or community in the society. The University is ground for Solicitors, Adjudicators, Legislators and Public Servants in the creating which would form part of the governing organism in the forthcoming future. We endeavor to create them preeminent in whatever constructive they do and polish them into professionals who would make a mark in the legal expanse.


  • To assess of the current state of teaching and learning environment.
  • To identify the areas that needs change or correction and improvement.
  • To enabling students to acquire contemporary legal theories and concepts of laws.
  • To enhance the overall quality of the students to apply such legal theories to real life.
  • To facilitate learning through quality links of students, faculty and experienced law professionals & resource persons.
  • To facilitate& engage the law students in critical thinking and decision making process in ensuring quality legal education in Bangladesh.

Intended Learning Outcome (ILO)

  • Interpret and relate law precisely as well as scrutinize and evaluate facts efficiently. Combine information about legal doctrine from primary sources including statutes, case law, and regulation. Use secondary sources to uphold understanding of primary authorities and identify and develop legal arguments.
  • Engage in successful legal research. Use the cost-effective research methods and efficiently search on the major commercial legal research databases.
  • Write effectively legal documents such as indications, guidelines, memos, contracts, legal letters, and written statements, decrees, reflecting the rhetorical conventions and expectations for the particular legal writing genre.
  • Explaining legal arguments and advice in both formal and informal settings, regulating both style and substance to account for both the spectators and the purpose of the communication.
  • Evaluating the law from diverse and global standpoints, discussing the political, social, and economic forces that shape laws; and examining not only the likelihood of an argument or strategy’s legal success, but also the moral, economic, social, political, and other factors implicated by the argument or strategy.
  • Work to ensure diversity, inclusion, equity and multiculturalism to improve the quality of justice.
  • Describe how legal, political, and economic forces have affected different social groups in different ways to produce inequity as a result of disparate or unjust outcomes and classifying stratagems likely to increase access to the legal system and develop the quality of justice in society.
  • Apply the law correctly to different facts and in different contexts. Detect ambiguity, consistency, and inconsistency within and among different rules and sources of law. Lastly, investigate and analyze facts effectively.
  • Demonstrate professional skills, including but not limited to respect and civility, for competently and ethically representing clients.

Eligibility for Admission

An applicant having at least second division at SSC & HSC or equivalent examinations will be eligible for admission into the LLB (Hons.) program of the university. For GCE, O-level Five (5) subjects and A-level one (1) subject; or A-level two (2) subjects and O-level three (3) subjects; or USA high school diploma with twelve years schooling. The intending students shall have to appear in an admission test to be administered by the School of Business of the university.

Degree Requirements

SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1LLB-101Basic English Language3.00
2LLB-102Constitutional Law of Bangladesh3.00

Legal System of Bangladesh

SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1LLB-201Legal History of Bangladesh3.00
2LLB-202Law of Tort3.00
3LLB-203Muslim Law3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1LLB-301Constitutional Law of UK & USA3.00

Land Laws of Bangladesh-I

3LLB-303Law of Contract & Partnership3.00

Law of Registration and Law of Limitations

SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1LLB-401Roman Law & Hindu Law3.00

Equity and Trust


Land Laws of Bangladesh-II

4LLB-404Government & Politics3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1LLB-501Company Law3.00
2 LLB-502

Immigration Law

3 LLB-503

Law of Transfer of Property

SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1LLB-601Public International Law-I3.00
2 LLB-602Labour and Industrial Law3.00
3 LLB-603


4 LLB-604

Banking & Insurance Law

SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1LLB-701Law of Evidence3.00
2 LLB-702

Public International Law-II

3 LLB-703

Fiscal Law

SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1LLB-801Law of Crimes-I3.00
2LLB-802Human Rights & Humanitarian Law3.00
3LLB-803Intellectual Property Law3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1LLB-901Code of Civil Procedure-I3.00

Mercantile Law

3LLB-903Law of Crimes-I I3.00
4LLB-904Code of Criminal Procedure-I3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1LLB-111Specific Relief and Public Demand Recovery Act3.00

Code of Civil Procedure-II


Code of Criminal Procedure-II

SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1LLB-114Interpretation of Statutes and General Clauses3.00

Administrative Law-I

3LLB-116Law of   Conveyancing and Pleading3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1LLB-117Law of Environment, Mines and Minerals3.00

Administrative Law-II

3LLB-119Clinical Legal Education3.00


SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10232 3112Bangla Language and Literature3.00
20231 3113English Language and Academic Writing3.00
30421 1111Jurisprudence3.00
40421 1114Constitutional Law of Bangladesh3.00
50421 1115Legal System of Bangladesh3.00
50421 1116Constitutional Law of UK & USA3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10222 3122History of the Emergence of Independent Bangladesh3.00
20222 1121Muslim Law3.00
30611 3123Computer Applications and ICT3.00
40421 1124Land Laws of Bangladesh3.00
50421 1125Law of Contract & Partnership3.00
60031 3126Seminar and Oral Presentation – I3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10312 3235Government & Politics3.00
20421 1231Roman & Hindu Law3.00
30421 1232Equity and Trust3.00
40421 1233Company Law3.00
50421 1234Law of Tort3.00
60314 3236Introduction to Social Science3.00
SL Code Course Title Credits
1 0421 1241 Law of Transfer of Property 3.00
2 0421 1242 Public International Law 3.00
3 0421 2243 Labor and Industrial Law 3.00
4 0421 1244 Criminology 3.00
5 0313 3245 Introduction to Social Psychology 3.00
6 0031 3246 Seminar and Oral Presentation – II 3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10421 1351Law of Evidence3.00
20542 3356Introduction to Research Methodology3.00
30421 1352Law of Conveyancing and Pleading3.00
40421 1353Law of Crimes – I3.00
50421 1354Human Rights & Humanitarian Law3.00
60421 1355Law of Registration and Law of Limitations3.00
SL Code Course Title Credits
1 0421 2361 Intellectual Property Law 3.00
2 0421 1362 Code of Civil Procedure– I 3.00
3 0421 2363 Mercantile Law 3.00
4 0421 1364 Law of Crimes – II 3.00
5 0421 1365 Code of Criminal Procedure - I 3.00
6 0031 3366 Seminar and Oral Presentation – III 3.00
SL Code Course Title Credits
1 0421 1471 Specific Relief and Public Demand Recovery Act 3.00
2 0421 1472 Code of Civil Procedure– II 3.00
3 0421 1473 Interpretation of Statutes and General Clauses 3.00
4 0421 1474 Law of Environment, Mines and Minerals 3.00
5 0421 1475 Code of Criminal Procedure - II 3.00
6 0031 3476 Seminar and Oral Presentation-IV 3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
10421 2481Fiscal Law3.00
20421 2482

Immigration Law

30421 1483Administrative Law3.00
40421 1484Clinical Legal Education3.00
50421 4485Viva-voce Examination3.00

Tuition Fee

1Admission Fee10,000/-
2Fee Per Credits2,400/-
3Fee Per Semester42,300/-
4Total Course Fee3,38,400/-

Faculty Members

Rashed Ahmed

Associate Professor & Chairman

Md. Mamun Chowdhury

Lecturer and Course Co-ordinator

Nishat Tarannum


Bishwajit Ghosh


Shohel Rana