MA in Islamic Studies (Preliminary)

Summary of the program


Total Fee


Total Credit

1 Year

Course Duration

Message from Chairman, Islamic Studies

Dr. Md. Helal Uddin

Chairman, Dept. of Islamic Studies


The people’s University of Bangladesh is a government –approved university, which provides job-oriented education. Moreover, as a higher seat of learning, The People’s University of Bangladesh tries to promote and inculcate ethical values and social norms. With this end in view, it proposes to introduce Islamic Studies under the faculty of Arts of the People’s University of Bangladesh.




The objective of the MA (Preliminary) in Islamic Studies is to present Islam as a complete code of life based on revealed knowledge of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. So the curriculum is designed to enable students to have a comprehensive view on development of human life according to the teaching and practical guidance of al Quran and Al Sunnah.  Accordingly, a new dimension of Islamic Economic system and Administration has also been emphasized.

Intended Learning Outcome (ILO)

Eligibility for Admission

Students seeking admission must have a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university either home or abroad.

Over and above, all candidates seeking admission must sit for an admission test and a viva voce and must obtain qualifying marks for the purpose. The final decision for admission will be taken by the authority in consideration with all the indicators mentioned above.


Degree Requirements

SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IS 501Introduction to Islam3.00
2IS 502Introduction to Al Quran3.00
3IS 503Introduction to Al Sunnah3.00
4IS 504Tawhid and Islamic Aqidah3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IS 506Islamic Da’wah and its Preachers and Methodology3.00
2IS 507Islam and world Religion3.00
3IS 508Biography of Prophet Mohammad (sm)3.00
4IS 509Islamic History -I3.00
SLCodeCourse TitleCredits
1IS 511Modern History of the Muslim world3.00
2IS 512Islamic Civilization and Culture3.00
3IS 513Islamic Banking and Insurance3.00
4IS 514Muslim contribution to Science and Technology3.00

Tuition Fee

1Admission Fee10,000/-
2Fee Per Credits750/-
3Fee Per Semester15,750/-
4Total Course Fee31,500/-

Faculty Members

Dr. Md. Helal Uddin

Assistant Professor & Chairman

Ms. Fatema Marjan

Associate Professor

Md. Sharif Ikbal


Md. Razaul Karim Jahangir


Md. Yeakub